Information management institute


Understanding how digitalisation affects the industry, education, and society in general is a key challenge of the 21st century. At the intersection of social sciences and technology the institute of information management offers an ideal place to better understand risk and opportunities  related to digitalisation across societal issues such as health, development, business ethics, or sustainability.

In terms of research, the institute contributes to the scientific literature in computer science, information systems and statistics with a focus on data representation, knowledge management, human computer interaction and financial statistics.

In terms of teaching, the institute provides courses in mathematics, statistics and information systems for Bachelor students in economics and business and offers a module in data science for business for Master students.


  • February 12-15, 2024, - Course block Computational Thinking
    (Master's degree) Registration on Moodle
  • 12 September 2023, Summer Campus; Workshop Collaborating on group projects
  • September 4-5, 2022, CHAIS 2022 
    9th Swiss Chapter of the AIS (CHAIS) Doctoral Consortium

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