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The Increasing Weight of Regulation: The Role(s) of Law as a Public Health Tool in the Prevention State

Principal Investigator:
Prof. Melanie Levy


The project at the intersection of law and public health investigates the prevention state as the latest chapter in the history of governmentality of health and the human body. It critically analyzes the evolving social contract of health and the boundaries of collective, individual, and corporate responsibility for health and disease, in the current era of self-optimization and omnipresence of the “moralizing state”. Beyond fundamental questions of law and political theory, the project focuses on innovative regulatory tools designed to promote healthy behavior such as nudges, public-private-partnerships, social impact bonds, and health insurance incentives.

Detailed project description:

Team members:

Aude Guillot, PhD student
“L’architecture des healthy nudges: quels enjeux juridiques?”

Felix Delerm, PhD student
“Par-delà la tradition libérale : Développer la responsabilité sociale dans la lutte contre les maladies non-transmissibles”

Alicey Bryk Silveira, PhD student
“The risks and promises of public-private partnerships as a response to tackle non-communicable diseases: a legal analysis”

Dylan Hofmann, PhD student
Health Tracking Devices



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