Courses 2012

Title Date Category*
Introduction to Plant Metabolomics 26-27 January T
Adaptative Landscape Genetics - a joint workshop with CUSO 7-8 February S
Write a Review - Write Now! 21 February C
Writing Grant Proposals 13 March C
Next generation SNP data: experimental design and analysis - a joint course with CUSO 26-29 March T
Big Questions in Behavioural Biology 26-27 April S
Annual PhD students meeting 2012 15 May S
Planning a career strategy - part 2 - improving your CV and practical training to meet your future employer's expectations - a joint workshop with CUSO 22-23 May C
Patenting in life sciences: a hand on workshops 11-12 June C
Fungi-Bacteria interactions - a joint symposium with CUSO 18 June 2012 S
Field course in geomicrobiology - a joint activity with CUSO 26 August - 1 Sept. T
Rapid evolution during biological invasions - a joint symposium with CUSO 6-7 September S
Systematic reviews and meta-analyses in ecology: building on scientific evidence for environmental management - a joint course with CUSO 11-14 September T
8th Tri-national Arabidopsis Meeting, Lausanne 12-15 September S ext
An introduction to the practice of statistics using R - in collab. with CUSO 27 Sept. 4,18 Oct. 1,15 Nov. T
Effective public speaking 9 October C
Introduction to chromatography and mass spectrometry for biologists 22-23 October T
Scientific writing clinic - in collab. with CUSO 9,16,30 November C
Scanning electronic microscopy (SEM) 3 & 5 Dec 2012 T
Writing Grant Proposals 13 December C

Other activities (seminar, courses, ...) that might also give credit points (external)

  • Biology 2012 8-10.02.2012, Uni Fribourg (oral presentation 1 CP, poster 0.5 CP, scientific activities, external) 
  • SPSW Summer School 2012, 21-23 June (2 CP, scientific, external)
  • SOL2012 9th Solanaceae Conference - From the Bench to Innovative Applications, 26-30.08.2012, Uni Neuchâtel (oral presentation 1 CP, poster 0.5 CP, scientific activities, external)
  • SystemsX Autumn School, Engelberg 8-13 October 2012, Data Analysis for High Content Screening (HCS) and mass-spectrometry based Proteomics (2 CP, scientific, external)