Rapid evolution during biological invasions - a joint symposium with CUSO

6-7 September 2012

A joint symposium with CUSO Doctoral Program in Ecology & Evolution

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The 2012 Fribourg Days of Ecology & Evolution will explore the facilitating role of evolution in invasions, particularly of rapid adaptive evolution, which has recently become a major subject of research. We want to bring together researchers studying various aspects of rapid evolution in the context of biological invasions and across taxa, involving
(i) rapid evolutionary change in the invader,
(ii) in the environment of the invader in the introduced range, and, as a special case,
(iii) in the context of biological control introductions.
The underlying process is the genetics of adaptation.

Special emphasis will be given to the role of hybridization and polyploidization. Ecological and evolutionary functional genomics provide exciting insights into the dynamics of invasion of genomes when previously diverged species are brought into contact, and these new developments will be highlighted.



For each of the topics, we plan to have an introduction by an invited speaker, followed by contributed papers.

At the end of each session, we foresee a round-table discussion led by the invited speaker to identify the present status of knowledge in the field, generalizations, gaps and opportunities, and suggestions for further research.

We strongly advocate that the outcome of these discussions will be the starting point for an opinion/insight paper on this topic.

General information

Location : University of Fribourg, Plant Sciences builiding, rue A. Gockel 3, lecture hall 0.110

Credit point : 1.0 (attendance only), 1.5 (with poster presentation) (scientific activities, Doctoral Program)

Evaluation : Full attendance, active participation during the 2 days 

Registration fee : free for PhD students in the Interuniversity doctoral program in organismal biology. Dinner on Thursday evening, reduced price CHF 25.00 (to be paid at the registration desk)

More information : see web site of the symposium

Travel expenses : participants in the  Interuniversity doctoral program in organismal biology (University of Neuchâtel) are eligible for reimbursement of incurred travel expenses by train (half-fare card, and 2nd class). 


Please send the original tickets (no copies) with the reimbursement form  to Dr. Christiane Bobillier.  No reimbursement for bus, taxi or car travel expenses will be paid.


Registration: closed

Deadline for submission: 1st July 2012

Deadline for registration: 1st August 2012