Introduction to chromatography and mass spectrometry for biologists

22 - 23 October 2012

A joint course with SPSW .



  • Gaëtan Glauser, Swiss Plant Science Web - Chemical Analytical Service (CAS), University of Neuchâtel
  • Armelle Vallat, service analytique facultaire (SAF), University of Neuchâtel


To be able to describe the major chromatography and mass spectrometry techniques, to select the appropriate approach for a particular issue; to provide a theoretical and practical background to students who wish to employ the techniques.


The course covers the fundamental aspects of chromatography and mass spectrometry and their coupling as a powerful analytical tool. It includes lectures and practical demonstrations.

Course topics:

  • 1. Definition and general principles of chromatography
  • 2. Liquid chromatography (instrumentation, optimisation of separations, detectors)
  • 3. Gas chromatography (instrumentation, optimisation of separations, detectors)
  • 4. General principles of mass spectrometry
  • 5. Ionisation techniques for coupling chromatography and mass spectrometry
  • 6. Mass analysers and detectors

General information

Dates :  Monday 22 and Tuesday 23 October 2012

Schedule : 8.55 - 17.00

Location : University of Neuchâtel, Faculté des sciences, UniMail, building C , room C001 (Animalerie)

Credit points : 1.0 credit point (Research tools) 

Evaluation : Full attendance, active participation during the 2 days including preparation. Multiple choice test has to be passed at the end of the course.

Information : Please contact Gaëtan Glauser or the doctoral program coordinator Christiane Bobillier (administration)

Travel expenses : participants in the doctoral program are eligible for reimbursement of incurred travel expenses by train (half-fare card, and 2nd class). Please send the original tickets (no copies) with the reimbursement form  to Dr. Christiane Bobillier.  No reimbursement for bus, taxi or car travel expenses will be paid.


This course is open to all PhD students, however priority is given to PhD students of SPSW and Interuniversity doctoral program in organismal biology until 31 August 2012.

Maximum number of participants: 12.

Registration through the web onlyCourse FULL.

Deadline: 8 October 2012

Note the cancellation policy (CHF 50)