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The EC's Joint Research Centre (JRC) develops scientific expertise to support EU policy development and - amongst other activities - monitors a range of environmental parameters in Europe. The JRC now has made available a large range of datasets in areas such as water, climate change and environmental monitoring to the public. As long as the source of the data is indicated, these resources can be used for research and commercial activities.


  • Acoustic analysis: Praat

    Doing phonetics by computer: Speach analysis, speach synthesis, labelling and segmentation, listening experiments, learning algorhitms and more.

  • Video coding: ELAN

    ELAN is a professional tool for the creation of complex annotations on video and audio resources provided by The Language Archive, a unit of the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics. Funded by BBAW, KNAW (in cooperation with DANS) and MPG.