Prof Klaus Zuberbühler


  research gate  entry

PhD thesis

Brittany Fallon:
Courtship Communication in the Wild Chimpanzees of Budongo, Uganda

Sumir Keenan:
Identity information in Bonobo vocal communication: from sender to receiver.

Caroline Mullins:
Coordination of joint activities and communication in wild chimpanzees
(Pan troglodytes) of the Budongo Forest, Uganda.

Masters Thesis

Emmanuelle Besson:
Vervet monkeys’ alarm calls: context specific or not?

Fleur Brochut:
Social contact and proximity of free-living grey seal (Halichoerus grypus) pre-weaning pups with
comparative notes on 'orphan' pups in rehabilitation.

Gabriela Cino:
Is part of vigilance behaviour of alpine marmot subordinates (Marmota marmota) directed towards pups?

Marie-Noémie Despraz:
Are wolves (Canis lupus) and dogs (Canis familiaris) prosocial in a location choice paradigm?

Meddy Fouquet:
Investigating the social well-being of 5 castrated Gorillas (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) living in European zoos.

Alessia Wolf: Social communication with food in captive common marmosets (Callithrix jacchus).

Peer review of pre-prints

Dear colleagues
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PCI Evol Biol is a group of scientists who review and recommend preprints in evolutionary biology, free of charge and transparently. It is a research community working for researchers to create a new publication system that is completely free of charge and independent of private publishers. This community already includes 330 researchers (the full list can be found at https://evolbiol.peercommunityin.org/public/recommenders) motivated to review and recommend preprints.

To understand what Peer Community in (PCI, https://peercommunityin.org) is, you can watch this video https://youtu.be/4PZhpnc8wwo and to understand the value of submitting your preprints to these communities, you can watch it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DjMhVl__gupg.

Some important points:
- PCI Evol Biol is supported by the American Evolutionary Society (the SSE), the Spanish Evolutionary Society (the SESBE) and the French Ecological Society (the SFE);
- PCI Evol Biol does not publish the preprints (they stay on the preprint server) but the associated reviews and recommendations;
- PCI Evol Biol does not evaluate preprints already submitted for publication in a journal, in order to avoid parallel reviewings;
- Although it is not our goal, authors can submit their preprints to traditional journals once they have been recommended by PCI Evol Biol. Reviews obtained before the recommendation can help improve the quality of the preprint;
- Journals such as Ecology Letters, Evolutionary Applications, Evolutionary Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, Journal of Evolutionary Biology, BMC Evolutionary Biology, Oikos, Genetica, Journal of Biogeography and Molecular Ecology indicated that they will consider the preprints recommended by PCI Evol Biol and that they will take into account the reviews and recommendations of PCI Evol Biol in their own editorial process if adequate.
- PCI Evol Biol is free for all users (readers AND authors);
- PCI Evol Biol's recommendations are transparent (reviews and recommendations are published, recommendations are signed, reviewers can remain anonymous if they wish);
- Only reviews leading to a recommendation are published;
- A preprint recommended by PCI Evol Biol is scientifically validated and can therefore be cited (eg. Brisson 2017, recommended by Bravo 2017);
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- Three new communities (PCI Ecology, PCI Computational Statistics and PCI Paleontology) are expected to be launched at the end of the year/early next year.
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