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Affective bias in common chimpanzee vocal production

The production of emotional signals is typically conceived as a largely inflexible activity. In humans, emotional displays are indeed considered as automatic readouts of the affective state of the caller. During my PhD (December 2013 - Université Pierre et Marie Curie), I showed that the mechanisms producing emotional facial signals in humans, far from reflecting solely the emotional state of the signaller, can also be sensitive to the informational needs of our conspecifics. Additionally, I have argued that, as any instance of biological communication, emotional signals cannot be produced automatically, as this might be detrimental to the sender, and since this would eventually threaten the very stability of such communication medium. As affects are thought to play a central role in non-human primate vocal production, I chose to address similar issues in common chimpanzees.
My current work thus examines affective biases in common chimpanzee vocal production (especially in young infants, see the photo of 7 month-old Kaija below) measuring the extent to which vocalizations are bound to specific emotional contexts. Data are collected at the Sonso community of the Budongo Forest in Uganda. 






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