Time/Frequency and Optical Metrology

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The Time-Frequency and Optical Metrology Centre explores and pushes the frontiers in time and frequency measurement, photonics, and optical metrology. For these purposes, the Centre brings together more than 25 researchers who have a strong collective experience in various areas of metrology and photonics, such as the development and evaluation of optical frequency combs, primary atomic clocks, compact atomic frequency standards, as well as stabilized and ultrafast lasers.

The Centre receives strong support from the Swiss Confederation and prestigious external funding. For example, its collaborators are involved in research funded by the European Community for the development of optical frequency combs in the extreme ultra-violet based on high harmonic generation, as well as for the European Space Agency (ESA) spanning from the quest for ultimate precision using atomic clocks to the development of stabilized lasers for environmental monitoring from space-borne differential LIDAR instruments. They are also working on novel ultrafast laser technologies for frequency combs and new atomic clocks that should allow positioning resolution down to the meter in the European Galileo global navigation satellite system. Via various projects the Centre is collaborating with local and national specialized industry, thus supporting technology transfer and promoting innovation.

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