One University, nine key areas

The University of Neuchâtel has defined nine key areas of research and innovation. These areas are a focal point of the Plan of Intent 2013-2016 which will be transformed into a mandate of objectives by the cantonal government and submitted to the parliament.

Within a participative process the rectorate has encourage the faculties to put forward their areas of expertise.  The nine areas are: health law, time and frequency and optical metrology, hydrogeology and geothermics, chemical ecology, migration and mobility, cognitive science, social interaction, intellectual property and innovation law, complex systems and Big Data.

This choice speaks of the willingness to highlight original fields of research, wherein several research teams are united in an interdisciplinary and interfacultary process.

These nine key areas crystallise the knowledge that forms the basis of the University of Neuchâtel. They are an answer to current concerns and issues, as well as to modern technological and social challenges.

Key Areas

Health Law

Time/Frequency and Optical Metrology

Hydrogeology and Geothermics

Chemical Ecology

Migration and Mobility

Cognitive Science

Social Interaction

Complex Systems and Big Data

Intellectual Property and Innovation Law