Good to know

Housing description

In Neuchâtel, only the bedrooms and living room count as “rooms” in a housing advertisement. Thus a 3 room appartement will have 2 bedrooms, 1 living room + a kitchen and a bathroom. Bear in mind that this system can change from one canton to the next.

Appartments are usually unfurnished but kitchens are usually equiped with closets, a stove and a fridge. Washing and drying machines are often shared between the inhabitants.

Rental leases

Rental request file
Most accommodations are run by real estate agencies. You must fill in a form with your personal, professional (salary), and residential (stay permit) data, certify of your solvency and your insurance coverage. The insurance of civil responsibility is highly recommended, if not a necessity for the agencies.
The private insurance of civil responsibility covers the financial damages that you accidently cause to a third party. This insurance can include damages to accommodations and objects, but also the responsibility of pet ownership, use of motorized vehicles of a third party and further possibilities of extension.
Information on the rental leases
A security deposit (max. 3 months worth of rent) to cover the possible damages or payment issues is usually requested at the signature of the lease. It stays blocked until the term of the rental agreement. Be careful, the Welcome Desk and/or the University cannot be warrantors.
The inventory of the accommodation at the beginning and at the term of the rental agreement is to be taken very seriously. The requirement of Swiss people in terms of cleanliness is not a myth !

Rental prices

Usually, the advertisements mention separately the rental price and the price for additional charges (heating, water, electricity, radio/TV connections, communal fees, etc.)
-        The rental costs applied in the canton of Neuchâtel are cheaper than within other cantons of Suisse Romande.
-        The rental costs in the countryside are cheaper that those in the city.
-        As an indication, accommodation prices in the city are approximately as following:
- For a 2 room apartment, from 1’000 CHF a month, (plus charges, approximately 150 CHF a month)
- For a 3 room apartment, from 1’500 CHF a month, (plus charges, 200 CHF a month)
A quick tour on Real Estate websites will give you an idea of current prices.

Further Information