Complementary insurances

Complementary insurances aren’t mandatory; they cover a wider range of services, such as private or semiprivate rooms during hospital stays.


  •   Complementary insurances widen the range of refundable services.
  •   They help cover the expenses of alternative medicine
  •   They provide an upgrade in the room service in hospitals (private or
       semiprivaterooms for instance)


  •   Bear in mind that insurers aren’t forced to accept you for a complementary
  •   Insurance premiums vary depending on age, gender and health
  •   You can contract your basic insurance and complementary insurance with
      two different insurers.
  •   You can cancel complementary insurances; contractual delays and
      cancellation notices depend on the insurer. You can consult the CGA,
      or your insurance policy.


Take the time to examine the services offered by your complementary insurances and compare them with what your basic insurances offers.