Settling in Neuchâtel

Neuchâtel is situated in the french-speaking part of Switzerland, at about 110 km from Geneva, 60 km from Lausanne, 35 km from Bern and 130 km from Zürich. The town is located in the region known as “the three lakes” (Lake Neuchâtel, Lake Bienne and Lake Morat) at around 430 m altitude. It spreads over the first of Jura’s buttresses up to about 1200 m.

Le climate is oceanic tending towards cold winters (not freezing cold, only around 0 to -5 degreas) and hot summers (not sweltering, around 20 to 25 degreas). The town’s size, with its 33’000 inhabitants, offers a comfortable setting.

The university alone has over 4000 students, including 20% of foreignes, and participates in the region’s cosmopolitan opening. The UniNe campus is spread out in various locations, all easily connected by foot or public transportation.