The assets of the programs of the Faculty

Ecological and societal changes and recent events which are profoundly disrupting our planet have shown the relevance of values such as curiosity, intellectual rigor and experimental thinking, when they are put at the service of society.

The bachelors and masters programs offered by our Faculty carry these values ​​with conviction and respond to current needs and questions relevant to society and the scientific world. Allowing to develop intellectual autonomy, to work as a team and to practice knowledge through various practical work, our programs prepare each student to lead an independent career as a researcher as well as to integrate better into the professional world.

Focusing their approaches on interdisciplinarity, several curricula of our Faculty are unique in Switzerland, such as the Bachelors in Biology-Ethnology and in Natural Systems (environmental sciences), but also the Master in Biogeosciences and the Master in Hydrogeology-Geothermics.

Considering the optimal size of our institution, the students of the Faculty, supervised by renowned professors, receive high-level training, benefit from high quality supervision and personalized follow-up, working very close to researchers at both bachelor's and master's level in a multicultural atmosphere. These elements allow the entire community to capture essential knowledge and to raise awareness of present and future scientific challenges.