To insure a car in Switzerland, a single insurance is compulsory: the civil responsibility for the vehicle.

It only covers material and physical damages caused by the vehicle to third parties, up to 100 million CHF in most insurance companies. Not to mix up with the insurance for civil responsibility that covers people.

In various cases (serious infringements to traffic rules, driving without a license…), the insurance does cannot be applied or only partially. The coverage conditions are very similar from a company to another.

The local registration of your imported car from abroad is compulsory for 12 months after your arrival in Switzerland. The Neuchâtel canton services for vehicles and navigation will give you more information concerning this topic on its virtual desk.

Foreign driving licenses are valid in Switzerland for a duration of 12 months only, after which you have to get a Swiss license. Nationals from certain countries are also requested to pass a practical examination to prove their ability to drive on our roads.

Technical controls, including an antipollution control, are compulsory for all vehicles.

A road tax disk, worth 40 CHF, is necessary to drive on motorways.

Parking can be difficult in town. Every town is however equipped of many underground parking facilities, always well indicated. A research in the yellow pages or on any other geographical localization utensil (for example map search or google maps) will allow you to easily locate the one which is closest to you. In the streets, parking places are paying or free but only for a limited amount of time. A stationary disc is necessary to park in a blue zone.

The Car Sharing is a good alternative if you do not own you own vehicle. The society Mobility is run throughout Switzerland and collaborates with the CFF. See also carpooling offers.

The big agencies of international car rentals are available in Switzerland. The main organizations linked to cars are  Automobile Club Suisse (ACS), Touring Club Suisse (TCS) and Association Transport et Environnement (ATE).