Opening hours:

  • Shops are open from Monday to Saturday. Be careful, in small towns like Neuchâtel, many shops are closed on Monday mornings and during lunch breaks.
  • On Saturdays and days before bank holidays, the shops close earlier.
  • Shops are usually shut on Sundays, except within train stations and airports or in petrol stations.
  • In Neuchâtel, shops are open later on Thursday evenings.

Two main supermarket chains dominate the market: Coop and Migros. Both give the possibility to purchase their products online. For information, Migros does not sell alcohol or tobacco.


From the beginning of April to the end of October, the market takes place in Neuchâtel’s old town on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday mornings. The Swiss countryside is also plenty of direct purchasing locations from the farmer or the producers; you will discover these on your walks.