Seminars of the Institute of Statistics

The seminar lectures in statistics take place if possible in a classroom of "G" building,  Av. de Bellevaux 51, 2000 Neuchâtel or in the main building of the Faculty of sciences, Rue Emile-Argand 11, 2000 Neuchâtel. They are generally planned on Thursdays at 11:00am and they last approximately 45min.

The primary goal of these lectures is to motivate the communication between researchers in the field of statistics and to allow them to present the results of their recent research activities.

The acces to the seminar is free. Persons who are interested to join our diffusion list and to be constantly informed on our activities, can contact the Institute of Statistics via the following address: messagerie.istat@unine.ch  

We are always at your disposal for any complementary information, and we are glad to meet you in one of our seminar lectures in Neuchâtel.

Seminars 2016 - 2017

Guillaume Chauvet ENSAI, France 27.10.2016
Adrien Hitz University of Oxford 01.12.2016
Daniel Flores Agreda University of Geneva 18.05.2017
Sophie Hautphenne EPFL & University of Melbourne 07.09.2017
Matthias Templ Zurich University of Applied Sciences 19.10.2017
Davide La Vecchia Tuesday 31.10.2017