Thesis and internship


To have more information about thesis :

  • read the rules of the master, art. 13 (in french)
  • read the page prevention of plagiarism
  • contact Prof. Y. Tillé or Prof. A. Matei to define the subject of the internship report


To be filled and forwarded to the secretary of the institute, in that order, as you go along in your internship or research thesis. If you have any questions please contact corine.diacon@unine.ch

To be ratified, the thesis must be registered in IS-Academia, at the session where the student decides to finish his curriculum (respect the registration dead line for courses and for exams). 

Before the end of the examination session, please forward :

- to the secretary of the institute of statistics: 2 copies of the thesis (1 with binding) + pledge of honour signed  
   (in case of confidential thesis, 1 copy not binded is enough)