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The Institute of Philosophy seeks to appoint two PhD students and one postdoctoral fellow in connection with the project An Ontology of Production, Products and By-Products led by Kathrin Koslicki and Olivier Massin.

Please, find more information about these positions here.


Past Research Seminar

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Last Publications


Dr. Vincent Grandjean-Perrenoud-Contesse is the winner of the Nexans 2022 Award for his talented research work published in the book The Asymmetric Nature of Time, published in 2022 by Springer Nature


Mr Louis Coste is the winner of the Excellence Award of the Society of Alumni, Graduates and Friends of the University of Neuchâtel (SAN) for his bachelor thesis

Call for papers

Journal Synthese
Call for papers for a topical collection devoted to Temporal Reasioning and Tensed Truths. The collection is mainly about metaphysics of time and logic. 

In the press

RTS FORUM broadcast (radio)
participation of Prof. Olivier Massin (Institute of Philosophy)
Woke, cancel culture, white cisgender man: the words of the public debates of 2021


Meeting with Simon-Pierre Chevarie-Cossette, assistant professor of practical philosophy at the University of Neuchâtel


LA LIBERTE (article)
"Les valeurs du savoir en discussion

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