Publications of the group


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PhD Thesis

  • Dan-Thuy Lam: Conditioning groundwater flow parameteres with iterative ensemble smoothers: Analysis and approaches in the continuous and discrete cases (2019)
  • Laurent Fasnacht: Short-wave infrared hyperspectral imaging of minerals (2019)
  • Christoph Jäggli: An adaptative conditional sampler for solving inverse problems in Hydrogeology (2018)
  • Axayacatl MaquedaProcess based modeling of the karstification processes in the region of Tulum, Mexico (2017)
  • Martin HendrickScaling behaviours of karst networks around Tulum (Mexico) : characterization, model and application (2016)
  • Guillaume RongierConnectivity of channelized sedimentary bodies : analysis and simulation strategies in subsurface modeling (2016)
  • Guillaume PirotStochastic heterogeneity modeling of braided river aquifers : a methodology based on multiple point statistics and analog data (2015)
  • Fabio Oriani: Stochastic simulation of rainfall and climate variables using the direct sampling technique (2015)
  • Pierrick AltweggGravimetry for geothermal exploration : methodology, computer programs and two case studies in the Swiss Molasse basin  (2015)
  • Damian Glenz: Inverse modeling of groundwater flow in the Rhône alluvial aquifer - impact of the Third Rhône correction (2013)
  • Andrea Borghi3D stochastic modeling of karst aquifers using a pseudo-genetic methodology  (2013)
  • Alessandro Comunian: Probability aggregaton methods and multiple-point statistics for 3D modeling of aquifer heterogeneity from 2D training images (2011)
  • Grégoire Mariethoz: Geological stochastic imaging for aquifer characterization (2009)
  • Jaouher Kerrou: Deterministic and probabilistic numerical modelling towards sustainable groundwater management : application to seawater intrusion in the Korba aquifer (Tunisia)  (2008)