Programme overview

MSc in Finance (90 ECTS)

The core programme consists of three semesters and allows you to earn 90 ECTS within 3 semesters.

  • The first semester concentrates on core courses in the foundations of modern finance, accounting, quantitative methods and economics.
  • During the second semester, there is a transition towards case solving as several courses place a special emphasis on applications.
  • The third semester covers advanced topics in finance and provides exposure to the profession. Through the programme, elective credits allow a customization of the curriculum to match students’ professional goals.



At the end of the third semester, you have the opportunity to extend your studies by an additional semester (30 ECTS) and to write a Master thesis, or to take additional courses in the field of Data Science.

MSc in Finance (120 ECTS)

  • During the fourth semester, you have the option to write a Master thesis (30 ECTS) independently or during a training period at a financial institution or at the finance department of a corporation.
  • The Master thesis allows you to earn 30 ECTS and to bring the total amount of ECTS to the number of 120.
  • The research option prepares you for a research career in academia (PhD) or practice (e.g., at a government agency or a research division of a corporation).

MSc in Finance with Data Science Major (120 ECTS)

During the fourth semester, you also have the option to earn 30 ECTS in the Data Science track and to bring the total amount of ECTS to the number of 120.

We currently offer the following Data Science courses: 

  • Econometrics
  • Data Science for Business
  • Data Management
  • Machine Learning
  • Computational Thinking
  • Business Analytics.

In addition, you have the possibility to add additional Data Science related courses to your personalized curriculum to match your professional goals. A maximum of 18 ECTS of the core programme can be chosen in other master programmes at the Faculty of Economics and Business and/or comparable programmes in other Swiss universities.

Degree awarded

Master of Science in Finance
Master of Science in Finance with Data Science Major


90 ECTS, 3 semesters
120 ECTS, 4 semesters


Teaching language
uk.png English

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