CFA Institute Research Challenge

"The CFA Institute Research Challenge" is an equity research competition among student teams from the world’s top university business and finance programs.

Students write an equity research report on a publicly traded company, and present their findings to an expert panel [...].

Throughout the competition, leading investment professionals volunteer as mentors and judges, and teach these students best practices in equity research and corporate analysis.

The team's reports and final presentations are evaluated by a high-profile panel of judges (composed of heads of research, portfolio managers, and chief investment officers from Switzerland's leading financial firms)".

Source: CFA Society Switzerland

What you need to know

  • ​3 elective ECTS can be replaced by participating in the CFA Institute Research Challenge Final.
  • Finalists should register in IS-Academia for the course "CFA Institute Research Challenge Final (5AF2043)" to validate the credits.

Previous finals

21 February 2019

Three MScF students, representing the University of Neuchâtel, took part in the prestigious CFA Institute Research Challenge Switzerland 2019 final in Zurich.

The participating universities were: HEC Lausanne, Università della Svizzera Italiana, University of Liechtenstein, University of Neuchâtel, University of St. Gallen HSG, University of Zurich.

Congratulations to Antonius Van Eersel, Polina Efremenko and Nikolay Pugachyov.


Source photo: CFA Society Switzerland

22 February 2018

CFA 2018 Team UniNE 485x200.jpg

From left to right: Loïc Buri, Giulio Bertolini, Riccardo Mancini and Jeremy Rigolet

Source photo: Carole Fleischmann

23 February 2017

  • As of 2017, rankings are no longer disclosed

CFA 2017 Team UniNE

Left to right: Youssef Kallel, Mario Mihajlov, Yuliya Tsilyk, Gaurav Singh and Petr Nikiforov

Source photo: Carole Fleischmann

25 February 2016

  •  2nd Overall


Left to right: Mathias Gfeller, Nils Hodel, Quentin Jacot, Thibaut de Coulon and Dario Dias Nunes

Source photo: Carole Fleischmann

25 February 2015

  • 2nd for Presentation
  • 3rd for Report


Left to right: Damien Jaquet, Erwin Näscher, Thibaud Romet, Karine Patron and Adrien Voltolini

Source photo: Carole Fleischmann

26 February 2014

  • 1st for Best Presentation
  • 2nd Overall


Left to right: Alex Marc, Head of Equities, Merrill Lynch Switzerland, Anastasiia Medianovska, Johan Barbezat, David Wehrli, Lorena Zini and Prof. Peter Fiechter

Source photo: Carole Fleischmann