Prof. Emmanuelle Reuter

  • Professeure assistante en Management de l'Innovation 
  • Institut de mangement
  • Université de Neuchâtel
    Rue A.-L. Breguet 2
    CH-2000 Neuchâtel
  • courriel : emmanuelle.reuter@unine.ch
    Tél. : ++41 (0)32 718 14 54

    Bureau no. R163

Prof. Emmanuelle Reuter

Curriculum Vitae

Emmanuelle Reuter (Dr. oec. HSG) is an assistant professor of innovation management at the University of Neuchâtel. She holds a PhD in management from the University of St. Gallen. Her research explores the role of individuals, and particularly of their cognition, in creating innovation and change in organizations. Her work has been recognized with awards at several occasions at the Academy of Management and Strategic Management Society, and with several research grants. She consulted regularly and published reports on the private banking and electric utilities industries, which served as empirical contexts of study. She teaches classes on innovation, strategic management, sustainability and academic writing to Bachelor, Master students, as well as executives.

Projects with public and private organizations. Industry reports and consulting projects, with companies and organizations like: KPMG, EU Horizon 2020, Swiss tourism organizations, Swiss financial service organizations, European electric utilities. 

  • Social, sustainability, and technology innovation
  • Innovation, change and renewal
  • Inertia and resistance to innovation and change
  • Business opportunities and business models
  • Opportunity recognition, megatrends and issues
  • Cognitive perspectives in management and organization research

Conference proceedings : 

Reuter, E. & Floyd, S. 2013. Overcoming Cognitive Inertia: The Role of Epistemic Motivation for Second-order Learning. Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings 2013(1):16584. DOI: 10.5465/AMBPP.2013.16584abstract

Reuter, E., Floyd, S. & Laamanen, T. 2015. CEOs' Use of Attention Capacity to Set a Comprehensive Agenda: Attention Load and Social Influence. Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings 2015(1):18758. DOI: 10.5465/AMBPP.2015.18758abstract 

Reuter, E., & Ueberbacher, F. 2015. Transnational Institutional Conflict and Deinstitutionalization of the Swiss Banking Secrecy. Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings 2015(1): 18271. DOI: 10.5465/AMBPP.2015.18271abstract

Books and chapters : 

Reuter, E. 2015. Overcoming Cognitive Constraints to Strategic Adaptation: Exploring Three Perspectives. Doctoral thesis. University of St Gallen.

Reuter, E. & Ueberbacher, F. Corporate Strategies To Defend Social Irresponsibility: A Typology of Symbolic Compliance and Manipulation of Perceptions. Accepted for publication in Corporate Social Responsibility: Institutional and Organizational Perspectives, edited by Sales, A., Springer.

Laamanen, T., Reuter, E., Schimmer, M., Ueberbacher, F. & Welch Guerra, X. 2015. Quantitative methods in Strategy as Practice Research. In The Cambridge Handbook of Strategy as Practice (2nd edition), edited by Golsorkhi, D., Rouleau, L., Seidl, D., & Vaara, E.

Laamanen, T; Schimmer, M; Reuter, E. Strategischer Wandel im Schweizer Private Banking: Eine Transformation im Zeitraffer. In: Swiss Financial Services Newsletter 2013, Nr. 1: 4-7.

Laesser, C; Reinhold, S; Reuter, E. 2011. Multiple Rationalitäten in Tourismus und Verkehr. In: IMPacts 01 (2011), Nr. Juli 2011, S. 19-21.

Reinhold, S., Reuter, E., Bieger, T. 2011. Innovative Geschäftsmodelle -Die Sicht des Managements-. In: Bieger, T., zu Knyphausen-Aufsess, D., Krys. C. (Hrsg.). Innovative Geschäftsmodelle. Berlin: Springer Verlag.

Project reports : 

Regulation and smart grids. Report in preparation for the EMPOWER project 2017; Grant agreement N° 646476. (with Loock, M.; Cousse, J.)

Social acceptance of local energy markets: A survey in 4 countries. Report for the EMPOWER project 2017; Grant agreement N° 646476. (with Loock, M.; Cousse, J.)

Ideal-type business models in local smart grids. Unpublished report for the EMPOWER project 2016; Grant agreement N° 646476. (with Loock, M.; von der Tann, C.)

Timing-based business models for flexibility creation. Unpublished report for the EMPOWER project 2015; Grant agreement N° 646476. (with Loock, M.; Bodensack, R.; Adank, A.)

Turning Regulation into Value. KPMG Switzerland. 2015. (with Laamanen, T.; Steiger, F.)

Understanding Banks‘ Motivations and Frustrations for Digital Technology Adoption. 2015 Project Report for Elisa Oyj. (with Laamanen, T., Wohlwend, T., Steiger, F.)

Occupational culture and cognition of strategic managers: Cultural categories and organizational issue crafting. 2014. Unpublished report for project N° 1274110 Luxembourg National Research Fund. 

Private Banking Survey 2013: Success through Innovation: Achieving Sustainability and Client-Centricity in Swiss Private Banking. KPMG Switzerland. (with Laamanen, T.; Schimmer, M.)

Performance der Schweizer Privatbanken: Eine Branche im Wandel. 2012. Zürich: KPMG. (with Laamanen, T.; Schimmer, M.)

Performance through focus: Seizing the global private banking opportunity. 2012. Zürich: KPMG. (with Laamanen, T.; Sputtek, R.)

Destination Management 3.0. 2010. Unpublished report for KTI project. (with Prof. P. Beritelli)

Case studies : 

Loock, M; Bohnsack, R; Reuter, E; Kunze, C. 2015. Empowering Local Electricity Retail Markets through Business Modeling; Reference no. 315-351-1; Published by: University of St Gallen. Weblink: http://www.thecasecentre.org/educators/products/view?id=131609