Online learning

Fully online advanced education programmes on the CABI Academy platform

Taking advantage of the recent advancements in online teaching technologies, our three CAS programmes and the DAS have been designed to be completed fully online.

Courses and materials are made available through the e-learning CABI Academy platform. The platform uses the well-known Moodle technology for online learning.

Once a participant is registered for an online programme, the CABI Academy platform can be accessed offline through the Moodle phone app. However, it is recommended to use a desktop computer as many activities or assessments involve writing essays or preparing presentations. It is therefore also recommended to have access to a stable internet network.

Course content is provided in an activity-focused format, where tutors provide the necessary resources for students to complete the activities. Interaction and support between participants and with tutors are assured through live sessions and forum discussions organized throughout each topic.

The programmes are designed to be accessible to both full-time students and people who are already employed. As these courses are interactive, participants must be willing and able to dedicate about 10 hours of study time per week in order to keep pace with the course and meet the regular deadlines. Apart from the live sessions, which must have fixed time slots, it is up to each participant to decide when in the week he/she completes the course work. 

Each CAS programme is presented in topics (= course units), in accordance with a predefined calendar. Live interactions are limited to fixed time windows. Each topic is evaluated with online assessments directly through the CABI Academy platform.

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