Registration fees and scholarships

Each CAS course is independent and can be completed in any order. To register to the DAS programme, students must have first completed all three CAS-ICM programmes. The DAS registration fee is in addition to having completed and paid the three CAS.

Please see the Programmes page for more details.

Scholarship support

Participants are required to pay for their registration fee before the start of the course. Applicants that need financial support are strongly encouraged to explore opportunities for funding. The process should be started as soon as possible since getting confirmation for scholarship support might take time.

The course co-organisers are interested to reach individuals from around the world regardless of their financial status. This is why we support CAS / DAS applicants when looking for funding sources and support your application process. If you need information regarding a potential scholarship, please contact v.parrat@cabi.org.

We are continuously exploring opportunities to make competitive, individual scholarships available to cover the registration fees for a limited number of successful CAS applicants from low (see low income countries World Bank list) and lower-middle (see lower-middle income countries World Bank list) income countries. There are no confirmed opportunities at the moment, but we will inform you on this website if, when and how scholarships might become available.

The application form (see the “How to apply” page) includes a section where applicants can indicate their need for scholarship support. 


Applicants are strongly encouraged to explore other opportunities for funding!

Want to contribute?

We welcome individuals and organisations who wish to contribute to funding these innovative programmes, thereby supporting the growth and knowledge of high calibre individuals around the world.


Contact us to find out more

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