Hanh thi Nguyen

Hanh thi Nguyen is Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics at Hawaii Pacific University. She is the author of Developing Interactional Competence: A Conversation-Analytic Study of Patient Consultations in Pharmacy and various articles and book chapters on the development of interactional competence at the workplace and in second language learning settings. Employing conversation analysis in a longitudinal design, she locates and tracks trajectories of change in novices’ use of interactional practices over time as they become more competent professionals or second language users. Her recent research interests also extend to microanalyses of how rapport and conflict are managed and negotiated in discourse, how identity transformation is an integral part of second language learning, and how a data-driven understanding of social interaction can inform pedagogical materials.

Conference: Tracking the development of interactional competence: Using longitudinal conversation analysis to understand situated learning, Saturday, November 22, 09h00-10h00