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Current research

Salva Carolina

SNF 100018-189147 "Pension funds asset allocation: Evidence from Switzerland"​
01.03.2020-31.08.2023, CHF 193'552

Florian Weigert

SNF 100018_204646 "Measuring, Understanding, and Predicting Mutual Fund Performance Worldwide"
01.02.2022-31.06.2026, CHF 350'322

Innosuisse 101.725 IP-SBM "Fund Manager Selection Using Machine Learning"

Completed projects

Ardia David

SNF 100017-179281 "The "Sentometrics" toolbox: enriching decision-making with sentiment information from news articles and corporate disclosures"
01.09.2018-31.08.2022, CHF 346'902

Dubois Michel

SNF 100014-138333 "Do new regulations affect financial analysts' performance?"
01.01.2012-31.12.2014, CHF 167'680

SNF 100014-117720 "Valuation effects of dispersion in expectations, changes in regulation and cash holdings"
01.10.2007-30.09.2010, CHF 172'057

SNF 100012-105432 "Behaviour and performance of macroeconomic and financial analysts"
01.10.2004-30.09.2007, CHF 214'188

SNF 1214-065220 "Are Financial Analysts' Forecasts Useful?"
01.10.2002-30.09.2004, CHF 173'998

SNF 1214-056846 "Modèles d'évaluation des actifs financiers et performance de stratégies de gestion fondées sur la prévisibilité des cours boursiers"
01.10.1999-30.09.2001, CHF 160'495

SNF 1214-049357 "La structure financière des entreprises : Le rôle de la fiscalité, des coûts d'agence et de l'asymétrie informationnelle"
01.06.1997-30.11.1998, CHF 122'820

SNF 1214-040455 "Application des modèles ARCH en finance : simulations dans le cadre de l'analyse d'événements"
01.10.1994-31.10.1996, CHF 146'861

SNF 1214-030998 "Anomalies d'évaluation sur les marchés financiers"
01.10.1991-30.09.1993, CHF 125'463

Fiechter Peter

"Reporting Quality across the International and the Swiss Reporting Standard at the SIX Swiss Exchange"
01.06.2016, CHF 100'000

"Discretionary measurement of Level 3 fair values during the 2008 Financial Crisis"
01.01.2015-31.07.2015, CHF 21'000

Salva Carolina

No. 100014-135376 "New Evidence and Perspectives on Takeovers in Europe"
01.08.2011-31.08.2014, CHF 167'680