PhD theses

2022 - Louis Mangeney "Three Essays on Financial Information Intermediaries"

2021 - Loïc Maréchal "Three Essays on Commodity Markets"

2021 - Albian Albrahimi "Three Essays on Economic Consequences of New Accounting Regulation and Banking Accounting"

2020 - Samuel Borms "Sentiment and Econometrics: Toward A Unified Framework of Textual Sentiment Analysis for Economic and Financial Applications"

2019 - Keven Bluteau "Modeling latent variables in economics and finance"

2018 - Nadège Bregnard "Pension fund governance in Switzerland"

2018 - Xiqian Zhang "Essays on the globalization of firm ownership"

2017 - Severin Widmer "Three essays on capital market effects of accounting Information"

2016 - Andreea Moraru-Arfire "Three essays on financial analysts' performance"

2015 - Ivan Guidotti "Three essays on portfolio management"

2014 - Ali Marami "Firm value and risk management in credit agreements"

2013 - Thérèse Olivier "Trois essais sur les primes d'acquisition"

2012 - Istvan Nagy "Hedge fund performance"

2010 - Mesrop Janunts "Differences of opinion and stock returns"

2009 - Laurent Frésard "Three essays on corporate cash holdings"

2007 - Frédéric Sonney "Country versus sector influences and financial analysts' specialization"

2003 - Guido Bolliger "On the properties of financial analyst earnings forecasts: some new evidence"

2003 - Pierre Jeanneret "Seasoned equity offerings and their impact on the firm value"

2001 - Jean-François Bacmann "Analyse d'évènement et dépendances temporelles des rentabilités boursières"

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