Samuel Bourgeois


Samuel Bourgeois earned his PhD on the 18th of August 2020 at the University of Neuchâtel. He earned his MA in Linguistics at Neuchâtel in 2015. His MA thesis investigated the uses of colloquial elements in television advertisements. He earned his BA at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas in History (Primary Major) and French Studies (Secondary Major).

Current Research Interests

His research interests lie primarily in the field of corpus pragmatics. His current research project investigates change in the usage of colloquial discourse markers in published written texts. He has also done research on constructional change occurring with the ‘sarcastic much?’ construction using corpus data from online sources. Beyond his primary interests, he has also done research on varieties of English and language contact. In particular, he conducted a side research project on the bilingual the Cajun population of Southwest Louisiana.


BA Seminar in Pragmatics at UniNE

  • Fall 2020

BA Seminar in Varieties of English at the University of Lausanne

  • Fall 2020

Introduction to English Linguistics Workshop at UniNE

  • Fall 2014 – Spring 2020

CIEP Language Assistant Program in Montpellier France

  • 2011 - 2012 School Year



Heidelberg, ICAME 41 Conference

  • Presentation: ‘Creed was, well, Creed.’: On shifts in the use of well and like in American journalism from the 1990s onward


Neuchâtel, Invited Speaker: Le Français en Amérique du nord (seminar)

  • Lecture: “Ok, qui d'autre na, nobody on the line right now?”

Neuchâtel, ICAME 40 Conference

  • Presentation: “‘Oh yeah, one more thing: It's gonna be huge.’: On colloquial (inter)subjective uses of oh yeah in journalistic writing”

Leipzig, SLE 52 Conference

  • Poster Presentation: “‘Ok, qui d'autre na, nobody on the line right now?’: A Diasystematic Construction Grammar approach to discourse markers in bilingual Cajun speech”

Potsdam, Multi-methodological approaches to synchronic and diachronic variation

  • Poster Presentation: “‘You know, like, well, actually making sick People better?’: On the use of colloquial discourse markers in American journalism”


Tampere, ICAME 39 Conference

  • Presentation: “Multitasking much? A corpus-based analysis of change in the 'Sarcastic much?' construction”​

London, ISLE 5 Conference

  • Presentation: “Colloquialization, subjectification and intersubjectification: On the development of discourse markers in written English"​

Freiburg, Countdown: Nine years of research on frequency effects: looking back, moving forward

  • Poster Presentation: “On the Rise of oh yeah in written texts”


Zürich, SLE 50 Conference

  • Presentation: “How discourse markers cross into writing: Colloquialization and the development of actually”                 

RegensburgISLE Summer School

  • Presentation: “Discourse markers in Cajun French and Cajun English – A case of mutual influence?”


Poznan, ISLE 4 Conference

  • Presentation: “How Discourse Markers enter Written Genres: A Case Study of 'well'”


Leipzig, European Summer University in Digital Humanities

Outreach Activities

Ville Platte Louisiana, 02.08.2017: KVPI 1050 AM

  • Guest Speaker on La Tasse de Café