Martin Hilpert


Martin Hilpert is Professor of English Linguistics at the University of Neuchâtel. Since 2020, he serves on the Rectorate of the University as Vice-Rector for Teaching.

Before coming to Switzerland in 2012, Martin has lived and worked in places such as Hamburg (Germany), Houston (Texas), Berkeley (California), and Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany). He lives in Biel/Bienne with his family.

In his teaching, Martin covers all aspects of English Linguistics, starting with the general introductory course and including topics such as sociolinguistics, language acquisition, psycholinguistics, bilingualism, and language change. Martin also teaches linguistic research methods at the Master level. If you'd like to find out more about Martin's teaching, you can take a look at the lecture videos on his YouTube channel. In 2018, Martin received the Prix Credit Suisse for Best Teaching, which is the highest recognition that the University of Neuchâtel awards to its teachers.

Martin's linguistic research addresses fundamental questions about English grammar and words. For example, why do speakers of English prefer to say "easier" rather than "more easy"? Or, does the word "fridge" mean the same thing as the word "refrigerator", and if not, what exactly is the difference? Martin's work has come out in books and articles published by the Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, Edinburgh University Press, and many others. You can look at an overview here.

Martin has led several research projects that have been generously funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation. In these projects, he has supervised doctoral students and postdocs. For example, Susanne Flach, David Correia Saavedra, and Jennifer Rains have worked with Martin in this capacity.

In his spare time, Martin enjoys cooking good food, playing the guitar, going for a run, and playing board games with his family.



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