Writing Award

Writing Award recipients

The English Institute’s Critical Essay Award

This award will go to an essay from the Literature and Writing course that demonstrates outstanding writing in an introductory course. Instructors will nominate essays that are well-crafted and present clear, well-supported, and original arguments. The essays must meet the requirements of their respective assignments but should be readable without reference to the initial prompt.

Instructors may nominate as many essays as fit the criteria but are limited to nominating one essay per student. The final essay will be selected by the Literature and Writing faculty and will be announced at the beginning of the fall term.

The English Institute’s Short Fiction Award
The English Institute’s Poetry Award

The departmental creative writing awards will accept submissions from currently enrolled English Institute students from April 15th until June 30th. Students may submit at most one entry per award.

All submissions must be original, unpublished work written in English. Entries may be written in any style. Students may submit work that was written for a course or that was written independently.

Submission guidelines:

— One short story of up to 1250 words
— The manuscript must be double-spaced and typed in Times New Roman 11 or 12-pt. font
— The manuscript must include a title and page numbers

— One poem of up to 50 lines
— The manuscript must be typed in Times New Roman 11 or 12-pt. font
— The manuscript must include a title (and page numbers if the poem is longer than a page)

Note: You may not submit the same piece to both awards (for example in the case of a prose poem). You should choose a category.

•    The student’s name should not appear anywhere in the manuscript. Entries will be read blindly, and the awards will be selected by an external judge.
•    Entries will be submitted by email and should be attached as a .doc, .docx, .rtf, or .pdf file. They should NOT be copied and pasted into the body of the email in order to maintain anonymity.
•    Please name the file with the award category and keywords from the title, for example: Poetry_One Art or Fiction_Frankenstein.
•    Entries that do not meet the submission guidelines will not be considered.

Please send submissions to anindita.sempere@unine.ch with the subject line:
Creative Writing Award in Poetry or Creative Writing Award in Fiction

If you are submitting pieces to both prizes, please send separate emails for each entry.

We will announce the Creative Writing Prize winners at the beginning of the fall term.