Ownership Structures and Managerial Challenges in the African Media and Telecommunications Sectors

8-9 November 2018, University of Neuchâtel, Enterprise Institute




As internet service providers and mobile operators have become the true gatekeepers of information, and considering the importance of the free flow of information for democracy, the second conference day addressed media development in Africa by focusing on questions such as the following: 

  • What impact do ownership structures have on the provision of internet and mobile communication services?
  • Does foreign ownership of telecommunication companies affect media and telecommunication policies? If yes, to what extent and how?
  • What are the managerial practices that foreign companies adopt to successfully implement their investment strategies in the African telecommunication sector, and thus ensure the provision of internet, mobile communications and media services?
  • Do these practices contribute to the development of African human capital, and if yes how?

Prominent academic researchers, professionals, journalists and representatives of nongovernmental organizations intervened and with their contribution to different discussion panel they tried to give an answer to these questions. Please see the details of the interventions in the conference summary.

Target audience

Researchers, telecommunications and media professionals, journalists, ONG representatives, and interested citizens.