Media development and sustainability in Africa : Only a challenge or an opportunity too ?

23 October 2015, University of Neuchâtel, Academy of Journalism and Media & Enterprise Institute



The conference was organized in collaboration with Hirondelle Foundation as part of the celebrations for its 20th anniversary. It aims at drawing attention to the major constraints and enablers for media development in different regions of Africa. In particular, debates will help to analyze the factors that could help fill the financial and competence gaps, as well as to strengthen the impact of international aid on the durability of media firms.

Prominent journalists, researchers, media professionals and representatives of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), intervened and mainly discussed on economic and educational issues related to media development. The recent expansion of Western media companies in Africa gives us the opportunity to reflect on the impact that an emerging continent like Africa can have on the business model not only of African media, but of Western media, too.

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