Master thesis

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What you need to know

  • 18 ECTS can be validated by a master thesis supervised by a professor of the FSE.
  • In all cases, approval of the Director of the MScGeM is mandatory.

Important: only students who have previously acquired 30 ECTS as part of the master's programme are allowed to do an internship or write a report.

Step by step

1. Choose a topic

2. Find a supervisor

Who will agree to supervise you. Define your topic and discuss your thesis project with him or her.

3. Submit your request

Summarise your thesis project and send it with the application form to the Programme coordinator who will then send it for approval by the Progamme director.

4. Write your thesis

5. Send the first draft of your thesis

By email and pdf format, to your supervisor (at a date set by your supervisor).

6. Send the final version of  your thesis

By email and pdf format, to your supervisor and to the Programme coordinator

7. Hand in the following documents

To the Programme coordinator 

  • Two paper copies of the thesis
  • Completed forms:
    • Validation and assessment of the thesis (supervisor hands in directly)
    • Pledge of Honour