Why study here

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The programme covers a wide spectrum of applied topics, which insures that students acquire knowledge relevant to the needs of recruiters. A list of recent student placement is provided below. Correspondingly, all members of the teaching faculty are professors and lecturers with the highest academic credentials as well as relevant practical experience - as executives, researchers, experts or consultants - acquired within leading economic institutions at national and international levels.

The University of Neuchâtel promotes close interactions between students and professors. Only a small set of selected students are admitted in the programme each year, with an average of around 15 graduates per year.  All courses are interactive and promote active student participation. Here you can consult testimonies of our programme graduates.

Finally, the city of Neuchâtel is centrally located in Switzerland, with excellent railway connections towards Zurich and Geneva. The University is located right on the lake of Neuchâtel, and offers outstanding quality of life. Tuition fees are reasonable (CHF 515 per term for Swiss students, CHF 790 per term for students from abroad) and relative to other cities in Switzerland, the price of dwellings is relatively low. Please consult our estimates of living costs for more information.