Joanna Menet

Post-doctoral researcher

I am a social anthropologist and post-doctoral researcher at the Laboratory for the Study of Social Processes at the University of Neuchâtel. I work at the intersections of migration/mobility, transnationalism, gender and dance. My empirical approach encompasses qualitative research methods, including multi-sited fieldwork, participant observation, semi-structured interviews as well as embodied research. I also have a strong interest in academic writing and creative tools in the teaching of writing.

My doctoral thesis titled "The Esperanto of the body. Entangled mobilities, gender and ethnicity in the transnational salsa circuit", developed a theoretical framework to study ‘the salsa circuit’, taking into account the embodied doings of salsa dancers as well as ‘regimes of mobility’ and individuals’ different positions in a transnational field. Through the entry point of salsa dancing, the dissertation explored the circulation of people, imaginaries, dance movements, conventions and affects from a transnational perspective. In particular, it examined the negotiations of gender and ethnicity and analyzed the transnational careers of salsa dance professionals in Cuba and Europe.

Currently, I look at the production of marketplaces as inclusive public spaces, as part of a HERA project titled 'Moving Marketplaces: Following the everyday production of inclusive public spaces'.

I was also resarcher within the NCCR-on the move, in a project titled ‘Gender as a Boundary Marker in Migration, Citizenship and Belonging: Case Studies from Switzerland and beyond’. Before that, I was engaged as a teaching assistant and participated in the teaching activities for Master and Bachelor students. Prior to joining the University of Neuchâtel, I was a researcher at the Swiss Forum for Migration Studies (SFM), working on Swiss migration policy and federalism. I hold a Masters Degree in Social Anthropology from the University of Zurich.



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Dahinden, Janine, Carolin Fischer, Joanna Menet, and Anne Kristol (2018). "Gendernationalism as a new expression of political nationalism", Blog Gender Campus.

Menet, Joanna (2019). "Woher kommst du wirklich? Zugehörigkeit und Geschlecht in der Stadt Zürich", Blog NCCR-on the move.


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