The MA in Literature (MA Pilier "Littératures") at the University of Neuchâtel is a Master's programme that is unique in Switzerland. Five institutes in the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences have joined together to establish the programme: German, English, Spanish, French and Classics. As such, it offers an extensive survey of Western literature, within which texts are studied both individually and from a wider multicultural and trans-national perspective. The curriculum seeks to broaden students' knowledge of literature acquired during their BA studies, to develop intellectual autonomy and research skills, but also, more generally, to raise students' awareness of cultural diversity and of various cultures' respective contributions to the world's literary heritage.

The interdisciplinary nature of the curriculum can lead to a variety of careers, including secondary school teaching, research and teaching at university level, public relations, publishing, translation, media and communications.

The MA "Littératures" can be followed as a primary branch (60 ECTS, pilier principal or PP), a specialized primary branch (90 ECTS, pilier principal renforcé or PPR ) or as a secondary branch  (30 ECTS, pilier secondaire or PS). Courses are divided between a core curriculum (tronc commun) and a field of specialisation, chosen by the student, in one or several of the literatures on offer. The programme is open to all applicants in possession of a BA degree (Swiss or foreign) in language or literature (classical or modern), a BA degree in any other subject, or a licence ès letters et sciences humaines or equivalent title acknowledged by the Faculty. Depending on the degree, additional course work may be required.

Head of major in "Littératures"

Prof. Antonio Sánchez Jiménez

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Nature never set forth the earth in so rich a tapestry as diverse poets have done; ... her world is brazen, the poets only deliver a golden.
[Sir Philip Sidney]