Arthur Schneiter


Master student

Office A215

Phone: +41 32 718 22 51


Research interests


The current situation about electronic waste encompasses various domains of science besides a societal and geopolitical dimension, which makes it a complex problematic. At its core, the key issue is that we basically extract staggering quantities of rare metals from the Earth to put them in infinitesimal quantities into objects that we don’t know how to properly recycle. That issue, and my almost lifelong interest in biology and computer sciences motivate me to explore biological solutions to solve the problem, though my academical background in these fields is pretty light. My master thesis is about monitoring and quantifying bacterial-fungal interactions in the presence of printed circuit boards containing valuable metals, testing new culture media (spent coffee grounds), and evaluating potential industrial applications of biodegradable materials (in collaboration with the EPFL). Overall, I try to keep a DIY approach with the aim of easing the reproducibility of this work around the world, and because I believe in open science.




  • 2018 – present: Master of Science in Biogeosciences (University of Lausanne / University of Neuchâtel)


  • 2013 –2017: Bachelor of Science in Geosciences and Environment (University of Lausanne)