The TRANEL journal (TRavaux NEuchâtelois de Linguistique, "Works in Linguistics from the University of Neuchâtel")

The new website TRANEL (TRAveaux NEchâtelois de Linguistique) is now available at: www.revue-tranel.ch


Created in 1980, the TRANEL journal is steered by the "Maison des sciences du langage et de la communication" (SCILAC) at the University of Neuchâtel.

Logo_TRANEL.jpgThe aim of this journal is to highlight the diversity and richness of the scientific work conducted in the different fields of linguistics. In welcoming works from fields as diverse as sociolinguistics, verbal interaction analysis, corpus linguistics, psycholinguistics, speech and language therapy, pragmatics, semantics, syntax, phonology, and French linguistics, TRANEL seeks to offer an integrative and interdisciplinary perspective on the issues currently addressed in linguistics.

The TRANEL collection currently consists of more than 70 issues, on various themes that represent this disciplinary diversity (see the "all issues" section).

The journal is not only intended to showcase the research led by the members of the Institute of language and communication sciences, it also aims at welcoming and publishing work conducted by researchers from other scientific and institutional backgrounds.

TRANEL is a biannual on-line open access journal, available for download via its website.

Proposals for thematic issues are preferred, but it is also possible to submit articles to be published in miscellany issues, which will be proposed depending on the publication schedule. The journal does not publish book reports. Editors and contributors are invited to submit original work, not previously published, and currently not submitted elsewhere.

Arbre.jpgTRANEL is a peer-reviewed journal. The proposals submitted for a thematic issue are first evaluated globally by the scientific committee. If a project is accepted, each contribution is sent for review to two independent experts, who may ask for modifications. The journal retains the right to refuse the publication of any paper that does not meet the scientific quality required, even after revision. Articles submitted independently from a thematic issue will be anonymously evaluated by two experts appointed by the board of directors of the journal.

The authors who submit an article for publication in the TRANEL journal commit to the full respect of the norms established in terms of scientific ethics, as recommended by UNESCO. It is also the authors' responsibility to seek appropriate permission in the case of a reuse of materials coming from previous publications.