Share of Revenues

The University shares income generated from the commercial exploitations of its Intellectual Property (IP) with the creators of the IP. Revenues net of cost incurred in relation to the protection and commercialisation of the IP are distributed as follows.
a) 1/3 for the UniNE creators of the IP; in case of multiple contributing parties, the distribution of the net revenues will be based on their relative intellectual contribution as outlined in the Invention Disclosure Form.

b) 1/3 for the chair, laboratory or department where the IP was created ;

c) 1/3 for the university which will allocate its share to the budget of the Technology Transfer Office.
For amounts surpassing the CHF 3M mark the Rectorat retains its right to modify the distribution of revenues at its own discretion.

Any earnings allocated to UniNE creators will be paid through payroll and are not treated as additional revenue (or « gains annexes »). The usual tax and social charges apply for these earnings.

Any income based on copyrighted material, except for copyrights in relation to software, are received by the authors directly.