TT Support

Through its activities the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) aims to foster good and sustainable relationships as well as successful partnerships between the University and external parties. In pursuing this, the TTO seeks to maximize the impact and value of University Intellectual Property (IP) while preserving researcher’s and University’s interests.

To this end, the TTO offers support at several levels.

The university TTO :

  • negotiates on behalf of the University all type of contracts related to Research and Innovation and in particular terms to protect project IP
  • is the first point of contact for all university related IP and commercialization questions (patents, contracts, collaborations, licences, start-ups etc.)
  • supports and advises researchers regarding IP considerations of funded projects
  • identifies IP and performs a preliminary IP due diligence, manages the protection of IP
  • develops and facilitates the implementation of an exploitation strategy for the IP in close collaboration with the inventors (marketing, licensing, start-up support).

Your TTO works with you from the very beginning of a project (negotiation of agreements), through the definition and evaluation of the project IP, to its protection and its commercial exploitation.