Universities (HEU)

This category includes cantonal universities and the two federal institutes of technology. Their main tasks are teaching, research and the provision of services.

They offer Bachelor and Master programmes in all disciplines and are the only institutions of higher education authorised to award doctorates. Some institutions however focus on flagship disciplines.

Cantonal universities have developed in a decentralised manner and are regulated at cantonal level. The two EPF s are regulated by federal law. The cantons and the Confederation have nonetheless bestowed universities with considerable academic, financial and organisational independence within the framework of budgetary allocations.

Despite the federalism and autonomy granted to HEU, the Confederation plays an important role, firstly through subsidies granted to the cantonal universities and also as co-manager and coordinator of higher education, a role formally conferred upon it by the new constitutional article regarding education, accepted by popular vote in 2006.

Researchers and especially young professors are frequently asked to assume responsibilities that involve a good knowledge of the « Who’s who » of research policy and funding at national and regional level. This section of the website presents the main bodies involved.