Beyond the doctorate

The doctorate is the first step on the path to an academic career.

However, only some of those who obtain a doctorate go on to work at a university on a long-term basis.

In a context where academic careers are becoming increasingly demanding and internationally focused without offering any medium- or long-term guarantees, many doctoral candidates pondering their professional future ask themselves which is the best alternative : continue in the field of research, embark on an academic career and aim at a professorship, or leave university armed with a doctorate ?


When this choice is being made, the pleasure gained from doing research is not the only criterion to be considered and thought should be given to the conditions governing these career paths.

The important changes that have affected the academic world over the past two decades have transformed working conditions in universities. Competitiveness between academic institutions reinforces competition between researchers, whose scientific productivity is subjected to increasing evaluation. They are also expected to be mobile, participate in many different forms of collaboration, demonstrate managerial skills and succeed in acquiring funds.

This section of the site is designed to help those who are reaching the end of their doctorate, or have already completed it, and are seeking information concerning possibilities of pursuing their research career, wondering about the conditions regarding this choice and/or would like tips regarding possible alternative paths.

The postdoctoral guide