The right subject?

In principle, there is no good or bad subject for a thesis.

However, it is important that the subject fulfils at least two conditions :

  • the subject must constitute a realistic and feasible project. In other words, it must be possible to deal with it scientifically ;
  • the thesis must represent a contribution to the relevant scientific field.

Preliminary research and the dialogue with the thesis supervisor are crucial stages for defining a subject that fulfils these two conditions.

Choosing a subject that is also of interest to your thesis supervisor offers many advantages as far as supervision is concerned. The existence of a National Research Programme (NRP) in the subject area can also be a bonus in terms of the possibilities of making effective use of the results.

But above all it is essential that the thesis subject really interests - or indeed captivates -  its author, who will devote several years of their life to it and for years to come will be identified as a person who works or has worked on this topic.