Equal opportunities

The aim of equal opportunities in the university environment is to design and implement measures necessary to turn the moral principle of equality between men and women in academic careers into reality.

The equal opportunities offices of Swiss French-speaking universities launched the initiative of the portal for young academics to offer information and resources to all those who intend (or envisage) pursuing an academic career and all those who supervise them.

The content of the site originates largely from experience gathered in various programmes developed by partner institutions of the BULA (Bureaux de l'égalité des hautes écoles de la Suisse latine) over the last few years.

While these programmes are reserved for women, in order to encourage women to take up careers in an environment that still remains largely masculine (article in French), many of the topics dealt with or the tools proposed are useful for all members of the new generation of academics and it would have been a pity not to make them more widely accessible.