The interview

The trial lesson is followed by an interview with the appointments committee.

The aim of this interview is to allow the committee to get an idea of the candidate’s personality and assess their motivation, as well as their scientific vision of the field and the activities they intend to pursue in their research and teaching, as well as their envisaged collaborations, etc.

It’s also an opportunity for the committee to satisfy itself that the person will fit in well and bring the desired skills and impetus to the unit and faculty.

The interview also gives candidates a chance to ask questions concerning such things as the infrastructures and resources envisaged for the post, the teaching workload, expected collaborations, etc., and to verify they will really have the necessary means to carry out their research.

It is not unusual for questions to be asked about family mobility in the course of this interview. Some candidates also take this opportunity, generally at the end of the interview, to ask questions on this subject (availability of day nurseries, etc).

Sometimes, the interview with the appointments committee is followed by an interview with students studying in the domain or with other members of the teaching staff.