Master en mathématiques

Master of Science in Mathematics

A master programme with the possibility of doing a minor in Statistics, in Computer Science or in Finance

The final aim of studies at Master level is to provide students with an insight into contemporary mathematics, allowing them to acquire a second specialisation in a related discipline.

During the Master, a semestre is dedicated to the Master thesis. The remaining semesters are composed of courses of specialisation:

  •  either in mathematics, if the student wishes to dedicate himself or herself to this sole discipline
  •  either by doing a minor in statistics, in computer science or in finance (in that case, it is highly recommended to have acquired basic knowledge during the Bachelor studies). This possibility of doing a minor constitutes an important asset of this programme.

During the « mathématiques et société » seminar, students become aware of the numerous applications of mathematics and their (often unexpected) job opportunities.

The graduates of this Master programme are autonomous mathematicians, able to carry out research, to start the HEP so as to be able to teach mathematics, or even a career in the industry, the banking or insurance sectors.


Person in charge of the programme

Prof. Alain Valette
tél. + 41 32 718 28 05


Plan d'études détaillé


Directives Travail de Master

directive_travail_master_2013.pdf (125.67 KB)