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I am a PhD student in biology (conservation biology and sustainable agriculture orientations) at the University of Neuchâtel. My main interests are botany and ecology. I like trying to understand the relationship between species.

I am currently doing a thesis on the plant-butterfly relationship in a climate change perspective. Climate change is and will be a major challenge for species. In order to live in an environment where temperatures are optimal, species are forced to migrate to find more suitable areas. However, not all the species are able to migrate quickly towards higher elevation or toward the poles to find their optimal temperatures. I focus here on butterflies and plants, two groups that migrate at different rates.

The aim of this work is to understand what will happened to butterflies that migrate to higher elevation faster than their host plant:

  • Will they find new host plant at higher elevation?
  • Or will they be restricted to follow the slow upward migration of their host plants?

Baptiste Bovay



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