The Swiss Federal Office of Energy has approved funding for the consortium SWEET CoSi (Co-Evolution and Coordinated Simulation of the Swiss Energy System and Swiss Society) with a budget of CHF 10 million over 10 years, starting January 1, 2023.

The FSE participates in the consortium with its team of 5 professors (M. Farsi, A. Holzer, B. Kocher, B. Lanz and E. Reuter) with a total funding of CHF 320'000.- over 7 years.

Our contribution is among others, conducting the Swiss Household Energy Demand Survey (SHEDS) in four annual waves every other year, rom 2023 to 2029.

CoSi inclues 25 research groups from 14 Swiss institutions, led by the University of Basel.

You can visit the website at: www.sweet-cosi.ch
and join the linkedin channel at: (27) SWEET CoSi l LinkedIn
Please sign up as well for CoSi's newsletter at: Newsletter - SWEET CoSi (sweet-cosi.ch)