Archives - economics seminars

Date   Speaker Institution Presentation Title
18-09   Puddu UniNE Dangerous Liaisons: Interest groups and politicians' votes. A Swiss perspective 
25-09   Castro Banco de España The countercyclical capital buffer in Spain: an exploratory analysis of key guiding indicators
16-10   Martin UIB Why did Spanish cajas fail during the financial crisis? 
23-10   Landis    ETHZ Efficiency and Equity in Swiss Climate Policy - A First Assessment
06-11   Hirschberg Paul Scherrer Institute Integrated Energy and Mobility Assessment
13-11   Mayordomo University of Navarra  Dealing with Dealers: Sovereign CDS Comovements
11-12   Kimmich Swiss Federal Research Institute Trust and contract choice: An experimental approach to Swiss wood supply chains
15-04   Yassin University of Neuchâtel  Reforming Employment Protection in Egypt: An Evaluation Based on Transition Models with Measurement Errors
22-04   Alvarez University of Geneva Playing with Fire? The Internationalization and Condition of Mexican Banks prior to the 1982 Debt Crisis
13-05   Cullmann DIW Berlin Productivity growth and ownership in regulated firms
20-05   Zhuravleva Toulouse School of Economics  A Dynamic Analysis of Demand for Childcare, Maternal Employment and Child Obesity in Russia 
03-06   Moreau Ecole Polytechnique Féderale de Lausanne (EPFL)  Decoupling Energy Consumption and Economic Growth: Counter Evidence from Embodied Energy in Swiss Trade